Epsilon Project Advisory Board

One of the core principles of the IARS International Institute is user involvement both in the design and implementation of projects. This belief is shared by all the Epsilon partners and in line with our ethos we have set up an Advisory Board made up of LGBT migrants, alongside academics and professionals working in the field. A key strength of the Epsilon partnership is our ability to make the connections between users and the experts and we will be using this to help guide what we do going forward.

The board has been drawn together from all five project partners, IARS in the UK, CARDET in Cyprus, KMOP in Greece, Movisie in Netherlands and Anziani e non solo in Italy and will interact with the project digitally through a closed Facebook group and Skype meetings. The advisory board will work with the project’s partner organisations to shape the research and training that will be developed throughout the project.

Currently the advisory board is made up of 22 individuals from across 5 countries and includes academics, psychologists, social workers, students and LGBT campaigners.

“In the aftermath of the refugee crisis that Europe is facing, I believe it is essential to have a close look to one of the most vulnerable category, namely LGBT refugees. I decided to participate in the Epsilon project to give my personal contribution in order to better understand the instances and the needs of LGBT refugees, and how we can implement good practices.”

(Epsilon Advisory Board Member)

We are still recruiting so to find out more about how you can get involved, please e mail contact@iars.org.uk

To download the advisory board’s terms of reference, please click on the link below

Epsilon AB TOR

To view the minutes of the meetings please click on the links below

1st Meeting minutes 03.02.17

2nd Meeting 05.05.17

3rd Meeting 09.06.17

4rd Meeting 13.10.17